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Cannabis In The Past vs Now

by Oliver Millar on April 22, 2020

Cannabis in the past vs now? The medical use of the cannabis plant dates back to ancient times. It has been around for centuries recognised for its benefits of relieving the pain of many different sorts. Around the world from China to India to Egypt – it’s been used for insomnia, headaches. Gastrointestinal disorders, labour pain, menstrual pain, nerve pain, and more. In today's world, Cannabis is seen as opioid and being abused as other opioids. However, unlike other opioids, cannabis and CBD are not addictive nor lethal.


Cannabis in the past

Cannabis in the past was widely available in over-the-counter remedies until 1937. This was mainly in the US, legal until 1942 when it was dropped again. but, a mere half century later, it resurfaced again when California became the first state to legalise the medical use of cannabis in 1996, picking where history left off. Today, US laws are leaning more and more in favour of the medical use of cannabis, and we are once again witnessing the medical potential of the chemicals derived from cannabis, especially CBD.

Similar circumstances were in the UK. In 1928 the International Opium Convention began, at the same time the US was in the process of banning the plant. The ban came through in the UK due to cannabis being connected with opium during talks. Following the opium wars, Britain had fought against China and India, connecting cannabis to the drug was a certain way to hurt its name and increase the likelihood of the ban coming into place.


Cannabis NOW

CBD and Cannabis have been recognised for thousands of years as having a variety of positive therapeutic benefits, but there has been a questionable reputation associated with products associated with cannabis. Increasingly though, this picture is changing and legislation limiting THC content to less than 0.2% has brought CBD products to the masses. CBD is widely accepted as one of the active ingredients, which can help improve the wellbeing of many people. The research has demonstrated that CBD has far fewer side effects than opioids. In fact, it is just as effective for relieving pain as opioids, if not more so.

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The marketplace is expanding through many sectors, including the health trade, as well as pharmacies, but as most CBD products are sold as food supplements no health claims can be made. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of CBD products on the UK market. Ranging from CBD oils, skincare, food products, vapes and much more. CBD products are now being sold freely on the internet on the likes of eBay or Amazon, but it is essential that consumers understand that the CBD generally sold there is different to what is being sold by the majority of other outlets.

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