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CBD For Anxiety and Pain Management

by Oliver Millar on April 27, 2020

“CBD oil or any other form of CBD is effective for a wide range of medical conditions. Today we are going to talk about how does CBD oil work for anxiety and pain management.

Two of the most noticeable medical advancements attributed to cannabis are its ability to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety disorders and its role in managing pain. Fear and anxiety are natural responses to a hostile and threatening environment. These are really annoying feelings with which many of us have to live with on a daily basis, and it seriously affects the quality of our lives.


CBD oil for anxiety

Evidence suggests that CBD oil has the potential to treat anxiety disorders and is a natural anxiolytic. Chronic or acute stress can cause a reduction in endocannabinoid production and the receptors’

responsiveness. Because of CBD’s ability to function as endocannabinoids, there is evidence to support its capacity to provide relief by contributing to the system that regulates anxiety (which is in the amygdala). Several studies show how CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety-related disorders such as general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In fact, states that had a comprehensive medicinal marijuana program saw over 500 fewer prescriptions for anxiety written per doctor per year. SAD is the most common of anxiety disorders and can impair social life. Research suggested that CBD had anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects in animal models. CBD was found to reduce symptoms of social anxiety in those with SAD.


Real CBD or placebo? Public speaking study

According to The Journal of Psychopharmacology, a study of participants with SAD taking CBD saw a reduction in anxiety. Brain scans of the participants revealed a change in the way their brains responded to anxiety. Another study compared the effects of public speaking on those with anxiety and those without. The participants were given either CBD (600 mg) or a placebo. Each subject participated in a public speaking session. The individuals who received CBD prior to the session found a significant reduction in anxiety, discomfort and cognitive impairment during their performance. Those who received placebo prior to their session presented with higher anxiety levels, discomfort and cognitive impairment. The conclusion was that increased anxiety produced by public speaking on those with SAD showed an overall reduction with CBD versus placebo.


CBD oil for pain management

Where inflammation is the factor contributing to pain, CBD may offer relief (eg. ERTH - Spa Original CBD Massage Oil). CBD can alleviate tissue trauma, muscular distress and somatic pain. Neuropathic pain occurs along with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments. Early research suggested that TCH, along with CB-1, helped manage neuropathic pain and relieved symptoms of inflammation. Visceral pain and digestive conditions such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome showed signs of improvement with CBD. It was also noted that CBD had been linked with neuro-protectant properties. Research shows that CBD, in combination with TCH, dramatically reduces the severe pain and hyperalgesia in for patients with bone cancer. CBD also demonstrated the ability to curb nausea.


CBD curing headaches and migraines?

There is promising research on the use of CBD oil and migraines. In 2016, a study reported in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, explored how CBD oil could be used to alleviate medication overuse headaches. Participants in the study received a combination of either ibuprofen and CBD, or nabilone and CBD to treat their symptoms. Nabilone is a man-made form of cannabis used for nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy. Participants received eight weeks of treatment with either combination or, after a one-week washout period, a second eight weeks with the other combination. The participants reported improved quality of life with the combination of nabilone and CBD.



Anxiety and pain can easily affect quality of life. Research supports the use of CBD to help manage pain and ease anxiety. The compounds found in CBD reduce pain, inflammation and the symptoms of anxiety. Studies are finding a multitude of benefits from cannabis in all forms, including CBD oils.

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Source: Farley, K. (2019). CBD Oil for Anxiety and Pain Management. Oral Health & Wellness Learning LLC.

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