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Full-spectrum CBD oil vs CBD Isolate

by Jack Campbell on March 10, 2021  in benefits of CBDbroad-spectrumCBDcbd productsCBDoilfull-spectrum CBDfull-spectrum oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil vs CBD Isolate


If you are a user of CBD or cannabis in general, then you have likely come across terms like “Full-spectrum”, “Broad-spectrum”, or “Isolate CBD”, which essentially tells you everything you need to know about what’s the product and what to expect out of your CBD experience.


So, what are full-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate?


The hemp plant contains over 113 cannabinoids that all serve different purposes, and the two primary compounds that everyone seems to know are CBD and THC. 


Full-spectrum CBD is a product that contains most, if not all, compounds - such as CBD, CBG, THC and CBC, to name a few. It also contains terpenes, flavonoids and all the other natural elements of the hemp plant, with each compound's benefits playing a factor. It is commonly called the “entourage effect”, which is the idea that CBD works best with a team of other elements, which we have to agree with. 


CBD Isolate is true to its name and is merely the CBD on its own with no other compounds. This is as basic and isolated as CBD can get, hence the name.  While it is a “simpler” version of CBD, it is a far more intricate process as even the terpenes and flavonoids are excluded from the end product. 


Now that we have a basic understanding of the differences, what are the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate?


Benefits of Full spectrum CBD:

  • Best for people looking to use CBD for a specific use
  • People who want the most out of their CBD experience
  • People who enjoy the benefits of each component


Benefits of CBD Isolate:

  • Great for people with sensitivity to THC or other cannabinoids 
  • Great for people living in states with strict THC laws
  • People wanting to cook with CBD or use it in other household ways 


While one type of CBD isn’t more significant than the other - it does make sense to leave the end product in an as natural state as possible, with the collaboration with different compounds and elements boosting its effects. But each person is the other and has their liking.  

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