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Top CBD Edibles of 2021

by Jack Campbell on March 05, 2021  in best cbd productCBDcbd edibleCBD gummiesEdible CBDGummiestop cbd product

At Dablab, we are continually trying to find high-quality products and offer the best results possible. With the rapid increase in interest towards a tastier, more convenient alternative like edibles, it’s only fair that we rank the best CBD edibles on the market, too. 


Let’s get started with the best edibles on the market:

5) Sunstate CBD Gummies - Blue Raspberry: Starting the list off strong, we have Sunstate CBD gummies which are full-spectrum CBD gummies, each containing 30mg of CBD. These have been a best-seller for some time, and it’s no surprise why. These gummies mask the ‘earthy’ hemp taste that so many edibles have, and they’re the best way to micro-dose, too. 

4) Sunstate vegan CBD gummy bears 180MG (12 PIECES): We rarely include the same brand twice on the same list, but this is a no-brainer. We have seen these gummies grow in popularity consistently. With the constant edge of flavouring, these products have the bonus of being vegan, too. We know how important natural and organic products are - and this is one of the best on the market that people love.

3) Calm Recovery - CBD Coffee Brew Bags: This product is something completely different from what we’d usually suggest, but these are an apparent top contender. Gummies are the most common CBD edible but not the only variation of edibles on the market. Coffee is a great way to take CBD and include it in your routine. 

Not only are these coffee bags full of tasty goodness – they are also completely biodegradable. Enjoy this freshly roasted coffee without the need for any brewing equipment. Convenience is just as important as price to us, and this has nailed both.

2) CBDfx: Gummy Bears 60 Pack 300mg (5mg/ea): Fighting for the top spot is this incredible contender. CBDfx has been listed as some of the best CBD products globally, but frankly, nothing quite compares to these Gummy Bears. They are organically grown and 100% vegan, allowing for guilt-free indulgence and the benefits of 5mg active CBD per delicious and natural gummy. 

Formulating the best CBD gummies on the market is a challenge most people can’t live up to, but CBDfx does it effortlessly - the healthiest, most organic and the tastiest gummies we could recommend. 

1) Medibles CBD Gummies (300MG): This brand takes the top spot with ease, and it’s clear to see why. Not only are these edibles ahead of the competition in terms of flavour, but they are also ahead of the game with quality. These gummies come from LA, California, with various flavours that keep you going back for more. 

These are likely the best combination of quality, taste and price that you will find on the market; we know because we’ve tried them, and they are unmatched. If you go with any product on the market, make it Medibles CBD Gummies.

With our summary and research into the top edibles on the market, we hope that you might find the product perfect for you. We know it can be difficult choosing, but it should be a more comfortable choice with these highlighted products. 

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