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Top CBD Products of 2021

by Jack Campbell on February 25, 2021  in best cbd productCBDcbd productscbd products 2021CBD TinctureCBDoildablabKured CBDtop cbd product

What are the top CBD products of 2021?

Everyone is searching for the best health and wellness products, especially CBD - which makes sense considering recent times. Our lives have shifted dramatically, so a rapid increase in interest of natural, organic health products has risen. The rise in interest towards CBD is only half the problem; the other half is finding reliable products that are high in quality and priced well - and rarely do the two come hand in hand.

Top CBD products of 2021

So, we want to educate you on the best CBD products in 2021, which are both well priced and incredibly high in quality.

1) Relax “OG Kush” Cartridge 500MG: Perfect for those end of day woes and sit on the couch and unwind moments.


KURED's 500mg cartridges contain 40% Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Each 500mg cartridge pesticide-free hemp extract and botanically-derived organic terpenes. These three carefully selected terpene profiles differentiate KURED's three flavour options; "Relax" - OG Kush" Indica, “Energy” - Pineapple Express " Sativa, and “Focus" - Strawberry Diesel" Hybrid. 

2) ENERGY / 500 MG / Hemp CBD Joints: These incredible handcrafted CBD joints are the perfect way to enjoy your CBD intake without any inconvenience, 

These CBD joints have no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers - which are things that most brands can’t say for themselves. These are carefully hand-harvested and dried safely naturally, processed, trimmed, and sorted. KURED CBD hemp flower is grown on 100% organic hemp farms, the way that it should be.

3) Tangerine 500MG: The citrus heritage is the most evident in this profile due to its refreshing tangerine aroma. KURED's 500mg disposable vaporiser pens contain 40% Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD oil. This Tangerine blend will remind you of giving the uplifting effect you need to start your day - and trust us; we know what it’s like to have the bad start to a day. Frankly, there is nothing else quite like this.

4) Charlotte’s Web 500MG Vape Cartridge:  There is nothing quite like this medicinally potent, CBD-rich phenotype. It has rich earthy aromas and expresses unmissable sweet flowery notes. If this doesn’t sound captivating enough, nothing will. It truly is a unique product that deserves mention.

KURED's 500mg disposable vaporiser pens contain 40% Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD oil!  This Charlotte’s Web blend will remind you of a hot summer day.

5) Kured Vape Cart Bundle: Something a little different for the last spot on the list and a good reason. This bundle offers what you need and more. Start of the season the right way with this fantastic vape cartridge bundle,

The Anytime Hybrid is a strawberry diesel terpene infused Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil which is perfect for balancing out any day! 

OG Kush: Perfect for those end of day woes and sit on the couch and unwind moments.

Pineapple: This Sativa dominant terpene profile of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Pinene is excellent on the get it done experience.

Overall, These products are nothing short of remarkable and are top of the range. We’ve searched for high-quality CBD products, but there isn’t anything close to dablab.co.uk offers.

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