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What can you do with HEMP - CBD for Vaping?

by Oliver Millar on June 25, 2020

There are many products that are being produced from hemp and today we are going to talk about one use that is becoming very popular and well-known - CBD for vaping/inhaling. The vape industry has seen a rapid growth over past years, so it is not surprising that the vape and CBD industry would become linked. Vaping cannabidoil has become hugely popular in a very short amount of time. For experience vapers, using CBD in this way is incredibly easy. Those who already vape understand vape products, the hardware used, have an idea of reasonable pricing, and most likely have some sort of insight into the market. The only difference would be picking up CBD liquid rather than the usual nicotine/nicotine free vape liquid. But those who have never vaped before are also choosing to vaporize the CBD they’re using.

CBD for Vaping Vaping CBD

Rather than using tinctures or capsules, can be more affective as it allows a faster and higher absorption rate. Many claim that the effects of vaping CBD, they feel are almost immediate, particularly those using these products for pain relief. Unlike CBD edibles, which would have to enter the bloodstream via the digestive system, vaping CBD means the active ingredients enter the bloodstream in a faster process. 

CBD For Vaping


CBD for Vaping with flavourings 

CBD liquids designed for vaping may also include additional flavourings, which make the experience more enjoyable for many people. Vaping liquids can be found in almost any flavour you could imagine; from fruits to confectionary and everything in between. These flavourings, combined with variable dosages, make for a customised vaping experience that appeals to many long-time vapers and those who have never vaped anything but CBD. Some users may not feel confident using tinctures or capsules in public, and vaping can be a solution to this. Since CBD does not have a distinctive smell, it’s possible to vape in public without anybody knowing that it’s anything other than a regular e-liquid.

CBD Vape

Now in your local vape shop or The Dab Lab

As the vape industry continues to adopt CBD, more and more people learn about the possibilities of cannabidoil. Those who previously would never have considered using any form of cannabis product may notice new CBD products being stocked in their local vape shop and become curious. Older customers who made the switch from smoking to vaping later in life may also now become exposed to CBD, where they might not have been before the vaping industry became involved. Cannabidoil can be particularly helpful for these older customers, which pain and arthritis being common reasons for people to begin using CBD in the first place. We also now manufacture and offer a CBD shatter and crumble range for vaping!

CBD Vaping CrumbleCBD Vape

We always recommend doing your own research with CBD products, what they are good for and how to use them. Here at The Dab Lab, we supply you with the highest quality CBD certified products for all your CBD needs. Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe and reliable gateway to CBD and its products. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality selection of CBD products, from the best, and most trustworthy CBD brands.”


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